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Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha

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Rowdy Mermaid brings a flair of the unexpected to the kombucha category. Here, wild hearts and minds race in a creative frenzy to craft original, authentic living beverages. Loved by many, unfathomable to others, our kombuchas dare to go where others won't. We are unbridled and expressive in our wandering, tirelessly seeking the unconventional course. We pursue our passion so you can, too.

Rowdy Mermaid products are less sweet, less vinegary, non-GMO and certified organic, crafted from ethically-sourced wildcrafted plants and small farm Bangladeshi teas.

Savory Peach | Everybody knows what Thyme is all about, right? It’s in our spice racks and in the chorus of that famous folk song. But you may not know it’s also an herb with properties that are known to boost immunity. So while you might think we added it in our Savory Peach™ brew just for its flavor, it’s also been invited for its function. Because flavor based on function is just peachy.