Defunkify Active Spray Shoe + Gear Deodorizer-De-funk-Defunkify-Peppermint-Utiletē

Defunkify Active Spray Shoe + Gear Deodorizer

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What goes IN, ON and AROUND us matters. Yet, so many cleaning products on the shelf are subjecting people and the planet to underperforming, toxic formulas. As parents and experts in Green Chemistry, we knew we could do better. Much better. So, we create Defunkify cleaning products from square-one & apply state-of-the-art toxicity testing to ensure safety. It’s an uncompromising approach, and the result is rare. Powerful, ProvenSafe Cleaning.

STEP ONE | Safer Ingredients
We start with ingredients approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program.

STEP TWO | Green Chemistry
We use green chemistry to maximize performance. Nature is extremely powerful when you know how to harness its potential.

STEP THREE | Toxicity Testing
We apply innovative toxicity testing to ensure that our formulas with industry leading performance also keep our families safe.

STEP FOUR | Total Transparency
We finish with complete formula transparency on the label so you can make the best decisions based on your personal values.