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Paleo Pro Vitamin D3

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Essential for those following a ‘paleo’ lifestyle, especially if you’re not outside in the sun all day like a caveman. 

PaleoPro supplies you with Vitamin D3, rather than D2 (ergocalciferol), because this is the form of the vitamin our bodies produce naturally. Also, vitamin D3 is more potent (more effectively raising blood levels of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3) and is less toxic than Vitamin D2.

PaleoPro Vitamin D3 capsules utilize the body’s preferred form of Vitamin D in a softgel. FREE from sugar, artificial ingredients, yeast, starch, preservatives, lactose and gluten!

5000IU x 120 softgels
Absorbable liquid form
Suspended in Safflower Oil
Soy Free

PaleoPro is committed to making purposeful and delicious ‘real-food’ paleo powders using only the highest quality ingredients available.

Exclusively available in Teton County at Utiletē.