COVID-19 Prevention Policy

COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Illness - Persons displaying cold symptoms or feeling generally unwell are not allowed inside.

Maximum Occupancy - A maximum of 6 guests are allowed inside at one time.

Physical Distancing - All persons inside must follow physical distancing measures and stay at least 6 feet away from others. Signage and floor decals are used as guidance.

Personal Protective Equipment - All persons must wear a mask inside, no exceptions. Plexiglass barriers are installed at cashier areas.

Hand Sanitizer - All persons must sanitize hands upon entry. Hand sanitizer is provided at the pickup table outside, as well as on both sides of the front door upon entry. Additional sanitizing stations are provided at the cashier and by the restroom door.

No Cash Transactions or Paper Receipts - All transactions must be completed with accepted credit cards or mobile payments. Receipts are e-mailed or texted.

Disinfection - Surfaces, door knobs, handles, sanitizer dispensers, cashier equipment, fitting room and restrooms are disinfected after each guest. Any clothing that has been tried on is separated and left to hang overnight before being placed back on display.

Utiletē Fresh - Our meal plan program is prepared in our licensed and inspected commercial kitchen and follows strict food safety protocols.