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HRT Pontoon Set

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HRT Pontoon Set (2 Pads)

The HRT Pontoons are perfect when wearing the HRAC or RAC plate carrier and more air flow or comfort is required. The pontoon comes in a set of 2 pads and easily attach via the loop on the carrier. The Pontoons provide the user with even more air flow and comfort but can easily be added or removed when needed.

These Pontoons can be added to the front of back of your carrier, or purchase 2 sets for the ultimate padding and air flow setup.

Ultra light-weight yet comfortable for every day deployment
Mesh channels for maximum air flow and comfort
Universal fit for Non-HRT carriers

HRT is committed to delivering high quality, mission adaptable tactical and lifestyle gear that won’t let you down when you need it the most. Our core principles of quality, workmanship and innovation will not be compromised. This is the cornerstone of HRT.

Utiletē is Wyoming's first and only High Risk Training reseller!

This is an extremely limited production item made in the USA.